Worldwide appeal for life-saving bone marrow after young Laois dad-of-five gets shock leukaemia diagnosis

A DETERMINED wife has made a desperate appeal for life-saving bone marrow for a father-of-five after a shock leukaemia diagnosis.

Sabina received a huge shock when her sporty husband Kamil Osoowski, 38, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and told his chances of finding a matching bone marrow donor were one in five million.

Sabina and Kamil Osoowski


Sabina and Kamil Osoowski
Kamil was able to spend Christmas Day at home with his family


Kamil was able to spend Christmas Day at home with his family
Sabina and Kamil share five children


Sabina and Kamil share five children

Sabina, who leads a life full of exercise with her family, said her husband’s diagnosis was totally unexpected.

She told the Irish Sun: “It was the middle of December [when we got the news about Kamil’s leukaemia].

“He just checked his blood here in Portlaoise in the clinic and after a few days – two days actually – they called us from Tullamore Hospital to come over and take bone marrow.

“We didnt expect it. You know how you are trying to live your best, healthy life, diet and sport and everything, you just don’t expect it at all. So it was kind of a shock.”


When Kamil got his results back, the 38-year-old was told he needed a bone marrow transplant in order to save his life.

Sabina revealed that the bone marrow needed is “incredibly specific” and within the international database of bone marrow donors – made up of over 38 million people – Kamil’s chances of finding a match are one in five million.

She also told how chemotherapy “is not capable of helping Kamil” and the family have around eight to 10 weeks left to find a donor for Kamil.

The pair share five children and have been together for six years.

Sabina told us how lucky she and her kids felt when Kamil, who had been in St James’s Hospital from December 17 until yesterday, was allowed to a visit home for Christmas.

She said: “We didn’t see each other for four weeks, he is at home from yesterday actually, for a few days, they let him go for a few days, so, we are home at the moment.

“He is weak, I have to say. After that chemo he’s getting better but it’s not what we would like to get at the end.

“We would like to spend time together and with the kids but I didn’t see him for four weeks from December 27, I didn’t see him until yesterday.

“We spent Christmas together because they let him go Christmas Day to spend it with us but after Christmas he was [back in hospital].

“We didn’t expect that actually, that was a surprise because he came back from hospital on Christmas Day and everybody was like,’Wow!’ We didn’t expect it!”


Sabina told us that although the first few days were “very tough”, she changed her mindset and got in a “fighting” spirit and jumped into action.

In efforts to save the love of her life, Sabina set up a Facebook page and appealed to people across the world to register to donate and see if they are a possible match for her husband.

Taking to social media she wrote: “My name is Sabina. I am blessed to be with the love of my life which is Kamil. He is a fantastic father of 5 children, who love him dearly, and is also a warm and kind-hearted person, who is always full of optimism.

“Since I can remember (however I know, that it was always like this), Kamil lived a very healthy lifestyle. He partook in sport on an almost daily basis, trained in martial arts, cycled, and we took very long walks together.

“He also had a very healthy diet and in truth, he was the last person I saw becoming ill, with any form of disease.

“Unfortunately on the 17th of December 2020 we received the news that he had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Our recent Christmas was not too happy as a result.

“Kamil will require a bone marrow transplant from a non-related donor. I know that life does not end with a disease, and it is only a difficult part of life that you must overcome, with your hopes and dreams for the future as a way of overcoming that challenge. We are full of hope.

“This is why I ask you dearly, everyone reading this, please, do not think twice about helping and help Kamil return to his family. Help save his life.

“It costs you nothing, and can save not only Kamil’s life, but many other people’s lives too. Bone marrow can be donated at St James Hospital in Dublin, and also in many different areas in Poland, at special centres.

“I know that due to Coronavirus, things are now more difficult, but this has not caused us to lose hope and we will not give up. I believe that Kamil will find a matching donor. And maybe that donor can be you.”


She added: “Your blood type DOES NOT MATTER! Bone marrow donors can be anyone aged between 18-55”.

Sabina has also been in touch with Polish organisation similar to Irish Blood, who today set up a “special site for Kamil” so people from Poland can donate to his cause.

Commenting on the response she has received from the public, she told us: “Actually I’m so surprised because I didn’t expect so many people would answer, especially now when you have coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, people forgot completely about people with cancer, with other sicknesses, [but] there’s so many people from around the world donating now.

“I’d like to ask as many people as I can to just check the [page] and donate because it doesn’t cost anything, it’s for free.

“And we can save not only his life, because there’s a lot of people, lots of small kids waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

“And the more [people] donate, the more lives we can save which is, I think, the best we can do at the moment.”

People who wish to register and aid Sabina and her family in finding a donor for Kamil can click here.

Kamil needs a bone marrow transplant in order to survive


Kamil needs a bone marrow transplant in order to survive
Sabina has launched an appeal to save her husband's life


Sabina has launched an appeal to save her husband’s life