Tips on Buying Secondhand Clothing

WHAT: “Vintage.” “Recycled.” “Loosely worn.” These terms are all ways of describing second hand clothing. Tough economic times and a growing concern for the environment has encouraged people to shop secondhand or donate used clothing. Secondhand clothing can be found in various thrift shops, consignment stores, garage sales and on […]

Review On Zaful

Jannie Delucca

Zaful is an online shopping store that many people are raving about. In the last few months I have had multiple people tell me the best place to buy the trendiest bathing suits are through Zaful. Personally, I have a hard time shopping online for bathing suits but I gave […]

Top 10 Indian Fashion Designers

Jannie Delucca

The Indian fashion industry has changed drastically over the years and India has evolved as one the most fashion conscious nations in the world. Thanks to some incredibly creative and dynamic fashion designers, Indian fashion has made its mark on the global platform. Check out the fashion designers who are […]

The History of Organic Clothing

Jannie Delucca

It all started back in the hedonistic 1970s when the war was long over and the polyester era was beginning to chafe the thighs of the younger generation. Make do and mend was still clinging on in the older generations but stories about chemicals and sustainability started to leak out […]