August 8, 2022


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New Warhammer 40K Darkish Angels Codex goes to pre-buy following weekend

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Get your strange, bulbous-tipped electric power sword and fetch the Caliban Inexperienced, for Games Workshop has introduced release aspects for Warhammer 40K‘s new Dark Angels Codex, between other goodies. The Dark Angels’ new codex dietary supplement, beat patrol box, and datacard pack will be available to pre-buy from next weekend.

The new codex complement (which, like its Place Wolves, Deathwatch and Blood Angels equivalents, demands the main Space Marines codex to use) contains all the new, 9th Version principles for the chapter, which include unique datasheets, details for taking part in Darkish Angels in the new Campaign manner, and specialisations for Deathwing and Ravenwing forces. There’s also unique lore for all those keen to maintain up with the Unforgiven’s hunt for their fallen brethren. The codex arrives in standard hardback flavour, or a swanky collector’s version with a ‘soft-touch’ protect, adorned web page edges and a ribbon marker.

The Darkish Angels Overcome Patrol box joins the Loss of life Guard, Blood Angels, Deathwatch and Room Wolves in GW’s new variety of ‘starter’ merchandise, aimed each at new players eager to get started a selection, and present collectors looking to bolster their ranks at a discount rate.

Fight Patrol: Dim Angels will include a Redemptor Dreadnought, a Primaris Chaplain, 3 Inceptors and five  Intercessors, for a complete ability stage of 25.

To see how this stacks versus the other new starter boxes at the moment accessible, verify out our helpful-dandy 40k Battle Patrol guide.

The Dark Angels Datacards pack includes playing cards detailing their custom goals, Interromancy psychic powers, and Stratagems, made to support players swiftly refer to the rules of their chapter all through fight.

Aside from the Sons of the Lion, the House Marines at huge are receiving some fast armour reinforcements in the variety of the very long-awaited Stormspeeder package, comprehensive with adequate guns to create it in your decision of three specialised variants.

Stand-alone kits for the melee-centered Bladeguard Veterans and infamously lethal, tank-busting Primaris Eradicators from past year’s Indomitus box-set are last but not least likely up for pre-order upcoming weekend, way too.

Gamers of Games Workshop’s competitive, compact-team fantasy wargame, Warhammer Underworlds, will meanwhile be delighted to hear that that actually awesome Chaos Warriors warband we saw exposed 9,000 decades in the past, Khagra’s Ravagers, is also coming out for pre-get following Saturday.

Intrigued in Dark Angels and eager to get started a collection? Examine our Warhammer 40K: Imperium factions information to get the lowdown on the monastic chapter.