New release date for fantasy football game Blood Bowl 3 revealed by phony beer advert

The 3rd entry in the Blood Bowl collection – which adapts Games Workshop’s popular fantasy football match to digital – was at first announced in 2019, and was supposed to be out someday in direction of the conclude of 2020. It was unveiled back in August, even so, that it was going to be delayed to “early” 2021, but it appears we might have to wait a bit extended than that.

A current announcement, talking about fictitious beer Bugman’s XXXXXX of all things, implies a later launch window for Blood Bowl III of August 2021, which has considering the fact that been confirmed by the formal steam web page.

Blood Bowl is most likely the most legendary Warhammer-connected franchise exterior of the key Video games Workshop heavy-weights. Set in an alternate version of the main Warhammer Fantasy entire world, the several races settle their variations not on the battlefield, but on the pitch. It’s a switch-based technique sport at heart, with Blood Bowl itself resembling a gruesome acquire on American Football where by you can see automobiles, back again-stabbing, and literal demise occur in any offered match.

It is a bit complete-on for a sporting activities celebration, but if it will save the citizens of Warhammer from the horrors of overall war then… confident?

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Even although the tabletop recreation is still heading sturdy, Cyanide is the present custodian of the digital license, and the studio has been executing a quite good position of it across the two titles it’s released so far. Blood Bowl II arrived in 2015, which we relished even in its earliest levels. The third video game is owing to launch with 12 groups, and aspect both marketing campaign and multiplayer modes. The studio recently declared the total list of launch groups if you are curious.

Blood Bowl III will release in August 2021 for following Computer via Steam, as nicely as latest and next-gen consoles. A beta is still because of to start out sometime soon.