Everything in the Overall War: Warhammer 3 trailer, from Kislev to Cathay

At extended final, the better part of 5 many years right after the 1st Overall War: Warhammer unveiled, the trailer for the third and very last in the trilogy has eventually dropped. And it is metallic af, as they say.

It’s also packed with specifics, and tells us an awful ton about the course developer Creative Assembly is taking with this third sport soon after several years of speculation. Are they going to do Cathay? How will they manage the multi-factional Daemons of Chaos? Any signal of the Ogre Kingdoms?

Regrettably the answer to that third point is a “no” for now – although look at out our manual to the Total War: Warhammer 3 races for the newest developments – and there is also no signal of a Total War: Warhammer 3 launch day more specific than some time this yr. But we have even now figured out a good deal, and to assure you don’t miss out on a factor, be sure to get pleasure from this complete breakdown of the new trailer. I cannot be sure of possessing spotted everything, but there’s a good deal below about the game’s location, factions, models, and more.

First of all, if you skipped the trailer, you can check it out under, and if you’d like to pre-purchase the video game, you can do that via Humble below.

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We open with a cart total of corpses getting drawn across a snowy field, a path of blood adhering to in its wake. We lower to a broader shot, demonstrating a military camp on the horizon as yet another body is heaved onto the cart. It appears to be probable its occupants have fallen in a latest fight.

We’re heading to Kislev

:33: Plenty of snow and furry hats: yep, this is unquestionably Kislev. Warhammer’s analogue of Russia, Kislev borders the Empire to its north and thus is the to start with area to get reamed anytime the hordes of Chaos in the north pole determine to defeat up somebody other than them selves. It is a chilly, harsh land full of cold, severe people today, at times scorned by the Empire as savages, but as the initially line of defence in opposition to Chaos the relaxation of the planet owes them a debt. Which is really badass, and has made Kislev a favourite faction between supporters. As has their polar bear cavalry.

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Kislev was never one of the 15 ‘core’ races to get a totally fledged rulebook in tabletop Warhammer, but it did get some threadbare rules in a mini army e book for the game’s sixth edition (back in 2003), and it has lots of lore. The fact that Creative Assembly designed playable factions out of Norsca and the Vampire Coastline, each of which have significantly less content than Kislev, always meant it was only a matter of time just before the Empire’s grumpy neighbour received its convert.

:34: In November 2019 I missing certainly all of my marbles for a limited, traumatic spell following Video games Workshop verified that it would relaunch Warhammer Fantasy – which it blew up and replaced with Age of Sigmar, but on which Total War: Warhammer is centered – as Warhammer: The Outdated Globe. 4 months later, it verified that the Aged Environment would check out Kislev a tiny more than preceding editions, and teased a model new unit: the Ice Guard. That’s who you can see below.

Video games Workshop suggests they are an elite formation of warrior females, similarly experienced with bow and blade, and equipped to wield Ice Magic – Kislev’s one of a kind, house-developed sorcery. Anticipate this to be a new lore of magic in Warhammer III, and the Ice Guard to be a substantial-tier hybrid caster device.

Legendary Lord ahoy: Tsarina Katarin

:50: But who are this elite bodyguard bodyguarding? Meet Tsarina Katarin Bokha, ruler of Kislev, a person of the most strong Ice Witches to have at any time lived, and a certain wager to be a Famous Lord when Warhammer III releases. ‘Ice Witch’ is not a own flourish, by the way – they are in the lore, so count on them to be the generic casters in Kislev’s roster, flinging that sorcerous snow. (Incidentally Warhammer: Dark Omen, the common ’90s RTT sport that first got me into the passion, also showcased an Ice Mage named Vladimir Stormbringer.)

That the letter Katarin is studying is addressed to “my child” implies it is from her father and predecessor as Tsar, Boris Bokha. He and Katarin were being the named people in that 2003 military dietary supplement (he rides a polar bear), which likely tends to make him the most notable Kislevite character in the video game just after his daughter. But as you may well guess from the actuality Katarin is in cost, Boris is dead, owning been killed by Kurgan Marauders in 2517IC (two a long time in advance of the End Instances, when GW destroyed the Warhammer earth to launch Age of Sigmar).

So it is not likely that Boris will show up in Warhammer III, even though not wholly impossible, I guess, presented the a lot of strategies in which Creative Assembly has already played close to with the timeline in Warhammer II.

Daemons of Chaos

:55: Katarin appears to be into the mirror to see the significant 4 Dark Gods of Chaos, represented by their Bigger Daemons. We begin with a Great Unclean Just one symbolizing Nurgle, a Keeper of Tricks for Slaanesh, a Lord of Modify for Tzeentch, and at last a Bloodthirster for Khorne. As Boris describes, every single god feeds off a different human emotion, and their area is mirrored in their daemonic followers.

why of course, I am a single of the lots of gamers who felt daemons were being busted

The Daemons of Chaos are 1 of only two core Warhammer armies who are nonetheless to have a playable faction in Total War, and this trailer confirms what everybody suspected: they are coming to match quantity a few. Daemons usually had a single of the biggest rosters on the tabletop due to the fact they’re really four scaled-down armies – just one for every god and its daemons.

Presented this, and past statements about just about every match obtaining four armies at start (which to be reasonable the series possibly developed further than some time in the past), there is been some speculation about how precisely Artistic Assembly would tackle the Daemons of Chaos. The wording of the announcement accompanying this trailer indicates that all four big Chaos gods will be represented, and apparently as their have faction. As on the tabletop, I confidently guess there will be a way to mix them with just one a further and probably with other Chaos factions (Warriors, Beastmen, maybe Norsca) as part of a enormous Chaos overhaul.

Kislev military roster hints

1:21: As Katarin leaves her tent we capture a flash of her ice magic and a column of generic warriors. These are most probable Kossars, named as the foot soldiers of Kislev in the 2003 reserve, in which they can wield bows as very well as hand weapons, and in fact some of the troops in the trailer are kitted out in just this way. Expect these fellas to appear with a bunch of different gear selections, most likely together with Seaguard-design hybrid infantry.

To judge from his lavish armour and perception of authority – swiftly rebuffed by Katarin – the dude at 1:24 is their chief. That indicates he’s in all probability a Boyar, a mid-position Kislevite nobleman and navy chief – anticipate him to occur in generic Hero and Lord flavours when the sport releases.

1:32: Upcoming there are a few of exceptionally metal pictures of legendary Kislevite troops: bear cavalry and winged lancers. Talking of which, the 2003 army guide mentions the Gryphon Legion as an elite regiment of winged lancers comprised of higher-rating nobility. They could look as substantial-tier cavalry or as a Regiment of Renown, but they may perhaps also have their possess mechanics: they’re intended to be a semi-unbiased navy get who serve as mercenaries all-around the earth. Whole Warhammer could use some mercenary mechanics, with famed soldiers of fortune such as ogres certainly on their way, and it’s possible Canine of War further down the line.

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And eventually, although they really don’t surface in the trailer, the 2003 army ebook mentions ‘Ungol horse archers’, as does that Ice Guard tease from GW. The Ungols are a tribal individuals native to Kislev who were being forcibly pressed into its armies, so provided CA’s thoroughness, I’m positive we’ll see their horse archers and most likely a variety of other Ungol troop types in Kislev’s roster.

Khorne military roster hints

1:37: And now we see who Katarin is up in opposition to: it is a daemon army, but a single composed totally of Khorne’s creatures. The trailer displays 3 Khornate models a single immediately after the other: the chunky crimson-armoured cavalry at 1:37 are Skullcrushers the wiry red dudes with flaming swords at 1:55 are Bloodletters and the really significant, extremely offended chap at the close is a Bloodthirster.

Skullcrushers themselves are the two an effective tricep workout and Chaos Knights who bought gifted daemonic hellsteeds soon after slaying countless numbers in Khorne’s title. Chaos Knights are outdated hat – it is the hellsteed that is new to activity three: that is a Juggernaut, a daemonic fusion of brass and beast. They’re slow by the criteria of most other cavalry, but strike incredibly challenging.

Bloodletters are Khorne’s fundamental choppy daemon. They had been often very awful in near beat but fragile, with scant armour. On the tabletop, they could also journey Juggernauts, in which circumstance the unit is known as Bloodcrushers relatively than Skullcrushers, so assume to see them as a further monstrous cavalry option.

As talked about above, Bloodthirsters are Khorne’s Higher Daemons and most effective servants. Appropriately they ended up generally completely terrifying to encounter in close beat – as nicely as staying stunning models – and it provides me all the tingles to see one particular so impressively rendered in this trailer. If only another person could’ve talked about to Katarin that it receives magic resistance (2) on top of its ward preserve, so casting a shower of magic ice at it is as most likely to get rid of it as putting on a hat.

Explanatory tangent: in Warhammer Fantasy lore, daemons are fundamentally manufactured of uncooked magic, which gave them a 5+ saving toss from all damage that received even much better if you tried using to hurt them with magic (why sure, I am a person of numerous gamers who felt daemons were busted). Because of to their inherent daemonic instability they struggled to materialise in the ‘real’ globe – it’ll be attention-grabbing to see how CA handles this.

It’s really worth pointing out that there are technically two Better Daemons in the sport by now – Sarthorael the Everwatcher and Azrik the Maze Keeper are each Lords of Transform – so expect the newcomers, which includes Bloodthirsters, to be in the same way effective in their personal techniques. We might see other named Higher Daemons – these as the Bloodthirster Skarbrand, for instance – but generic types will most likely make their debut, either as Lord selections or immensely costly monsters.


02:46: But here’s the genuinely major information. Right after the very metallic new Warhammer III emblem, the trailer wraps with a map of Grand Cathay, the Warhammer analogue of China. A few figurines enfold the map, the initially two of which obviously stand for Kislev and the Khornate daemons, when the 3rd, of jade, signifies Cathay. The wizened adviser from the earlier game titles – recognisable by his medallion, but oddly searching extra youthful than in advance of and no extended blind – leans again with a smirk.

Also, be aware the letter he pushes aside: it’s from Katarin and tackled to a ‘Yuri’. This is most likely Yuri Kovalenko, an Ungol tribesman stated in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game, and who Katarin has seemingly despatched to examine a daemonic incursion in the much north. Maybe Yuri will be another Kislevite Legendary Lord?

The map by itself confirms that Cathay will be the sixth start faction, which is big. The country has technically existed in Warhammer lore for ages, but in scant mentions and just about no depictions, so CA is building a significant contribution to the Warhammer earth right here. But past its individual merits, Cathay’s appearance indicates interesting factors about Warhammer III’s map.

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There’s only a person element of the Warhammer environment not but included in Whole War – the analogue of Asia, to the east of the World’s Edge Mountains. There was speculation that Warhammer III’s map would extend only to the Mountains of Mourn, in which the Ogre Kingdoms (the past remaining main race) are discovered, eschewing places like Cathay – maybe they have far too small basis in the lore to build, or thanks to complex restrictions. All 3 video games are promised to a person working day hook into just one a further, and Mortal Empires, the present mixture of Warhammers I and II, is already pushing the boundaries of turn processing speeds.

But if Cathay is on the map, then Warhammer III could perfectly encompass anything east of the World’s Edge Mountains. That is not definitely confirmed, of course – CA can continue to chop up the map in other techniques – but at this stage I’d say it is far more likely than not. Video games Workshop is making the Warhammer Fantasy placing the moment again with the Previous Environment, Total Warhammer has been a massive results for CA, and the point GW trusts them to perform on Cathay at all is evidence of the closeness of their collaboration. We can assume Warhammer III and its integration of the first two games to be fleshed out with much more content material for decades and years to arrive.