When Should I Consider Upgrading to Managed VPS Hosting?

Jannie Delucca

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As your website needs and demands increase, upgrading to a higher web hosting service is extremely important to manage the increasing traffic requirements and server requests. Choosing the right hosting plan that meets your website’s needs and offers maximum server performance, uptime, and security is critical. 

While many web hosting services are available, opting for the best VPS Hosting solution that offers managed hosting services can benefit your business. Managed VPS Hosting acts as a perfect intermediary hosting service between a Shared and Dedicated Hosting plan—offering reliable and secure hosting solutions at an economical rate. 

Therefore, buy web hosting or Managed VPS Hosting service if you need a reliable hosting solution to keep up with the growing traffic on your business website. 

In this article, we’ll see the right time to upgrade your website to a VPS Hosting service. 

When to upgrade your website to Managed VPS Hosting

In Managed VPS Server Hosting, your web hosting provider manages and takes care of all the server maintenance and management tasks while you can focus on your business’s growth. 

Here are a few essential signs to help you identify when to upgrade your hosting solution to Managed VPS Hosting service. 

  • Slow performance and page loading speed

If your business website lags quite often or takes too long to load, upgrading your hosting service to a high-performing VPS Hosting solution is a sign. 

As the traffic on your business website increases, it requires more resources to manage the server requests and keep your website running smoothly. Upgrading to a Virtual Server will allow your website to experience maximum server performance and uptime. 

  • Increasing security breaches

If your website stores critical user data and information, then you should not take security breaches and vulnerabilities lightly. 

Shared Hosting servers host websites on the same IP addresses—making them more prone and vulnerable to security attacks and breaches. However, when you opt for Windows or cPanel VPS Hosting, each website gets a dedicated IP address—extremely critical for a website’s security. 

Moreover, with a Managed VPS Hosting solution, the web hosting providers take utmost measures to ensure robust website security—by installing secure firewalls, security upgrades and patches, DDoS protection, and more. 

  • Need for customization 

Shared Hosting does not offer enhanced customization abilities—one of the biggest disadvantages that hinder your business growth with many restrictions. 

Even though in Managed VPS Hosting, your web hosting provider will manage and take care of server management, the ultimate authority of your VPS Server lies with you. The full root access in Linux VPS or administrative access in Windows VPS allows you to tweak your server by installing applications and incorporating configurations of your desired choice. 


Managed VPS Servers are the ultimate solutions for your website’s growth if it experiences frequent performance lags, downtime issues, security breaches, and more. Managed VPS Hosting offers customization abilities with full root access at a cost-effective rate to allow you to install applications and third-party software to cope up with these issues. 

Therefore, buy VPS Server Hosting solutions and upgrade your web hosting from a reliable hosting provider if your website experiences the aforementioned signs. 



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