What UFC Fighters Can Instruct Us About Receiving Alongside Far better

I have a confession to make: I like combined martial arts (MMA) and the UFC (Best Battling Championship). Yes, I get that, as a psychologist who is a enormous advocate of peace, compassion, kindness, and nicely-currently being, this isn’t going to make a ton of sense. Just one may understandably call me a hypocrite, specially if you have read some of my other blogs! I can acknowledge that.

It’s possible it really is just a rationalization to say that we are all hypocrites in approaches. None of us lives up to our individual beliefs. Also, we are tempted to choose other folks, and from time to time ourselves, in dualistic, all-or-nothing approaches. As a result, when I say I like the UFC, that seeming contradiction or hypocrisy may possibly be enough for lots of viewers to choose me harshly and price reduction something I say. I hope you do not though!

To be rather sincere, I do sense a specified level of cognitive dissonance about my pleasure of UFC (and American football). I’m however seeking to have an understanding of these contradictions within myself. Allow me supply a small backstory that could possibly assist you understand how I 1st became enamored with martial arts. 

From Bruce Lee to UFC

I became a admirer of martial arts as a child soon after catching my first glimpses of Bruce Lee in his videos such as “Enter the Dragon.” He had me at “Aiiyaaa!!!” His enthusiasm, energy, physicality, and remarkable velocity, ability, and skill had been like a meteor blazing throughout the night time sky. But the light-weight that burns twice as shiny burns half as long and, sadly, Bruce died at the age of 32 from cerebral edema. His legacy and influence are living on to this day. Bruce might be thought of the very first combined martial artist. He claimed, “The very best model is no fashion,” as he borrowed from distinct martial arts models and practitioners based mostly on what labored. In a way, the UFC is a organic evolution of a thing that he helped inspire.

As an impressionable young teen, “The Karate Kid” showed me a further side of martial arts that I observed deeply appealing—the discipline, honor, rules, and, probably most of all, the sacred relationship in between trainer and student (and minimum with Mr. Miyagi, not all those Slytherin Cobra Kai!). Unfortunately, as a child, I was not able to acquire martial arts classes, but I began schooling in karate as a young adult and have trained in numerous martial arts ever given that. 

When the initially UFC aired on November 12, 1993, most of the instructors and learners from my very first dojo viewed it together. We have been mesmerized. It was very controversial at the time, but the UFC has evolved into a properly-controlled sport that has millions of admirers all-around the entire world. It is not without having controversy these times as perfectly, but if you watch the UFC, there are some useful lessons from which we may well all gain. 

In Opposition With out Hatred

As we glimpse at the ugly politics of The united states, most of us can agree that it has become toxic. Lots of, or even most, men and women on equally sides are sick of the hate and would like to see Washington, and the relaxation of the United States, have less vitriol. Soon after all, most of us want the identical things—freedom, equality, protection, respect, relationship, and, probably most of all, pleasure.  


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We have different tips about what American greatness seems to be like and, importantly, how to get there. Of training course we do! Existence is difficult! However, we stop up obtaining caught in dualistic mentalities of suitable/erroneous, superior/evil, win/lose, us/them that are tearing us apart. Is it doable to disagree with no hating one a further? Can we be in conflict about our concepts and but however respect just one a different at the close of the day? As odd as it would seem, that’s the place we could understand a handful of issues from (most) UFC fighters. 

Guaranteed, occasionally there is genuinely undesirable blood amongst UFC fighters… some of which may well be to boost the event or for fighters to buzz on their own up. But if you view a couple contests, the stage of sportsmanship and regard shown by the conclusion of fights can be fairly inspiring. Several of these fighters, following hoping to defeat a single an additional in a grueling, violent, actual physical chess match, will normally hug, bow, and effusively praise just one a different. Occasionally these demonstrations of mutual respect are shown among rounds or even for the duration of rounds. The fighters place every little thing they have into the octagon, but when the contest is about, they ordinarily bear no animosity toward a single an additional. In reality, I would not be amazed if quite a few of them go out for a beer jointly soon after the match.

What most of these fighters are capable to do is different “fighting” and “hating.” This goes back to the concept of nondualism. It is doable for fighters to “violently disagree” with one another in a physical contest, nonetheless continue to have mutual respect. 

Each and every fighter desperately would like to gain. They literally lose blood, sweat, and tears in preparation for a bout. They sometimes lose all of those people in the octagon as very well! Soon after the contest, they ordinarily exhibit a warrior’s respect for 1 an additional. Every knows that the other gave it every little thing they had, adhered to predetermined procedures for every other’s basic safety, and are able to deal with the other with dignity and honor. Any lousy blood moving into just before entering the octagon is gone when the contest is more than… or even throughout the combat itself. 

The Takeaway?

If UFC fighters are able to independent a physical combat from hatred of their opponents, why can’t we individual our political distinctions from hatred of those people who maintain various political views? We will not have to drink the poison of damaging partisanship. Political opponents can battle tricky to acquire, but each and every aspect agrees to enjoy within just predetermined boundaries. There are guidelines of engagement. Absolutely sure, these may be stretched at instances, but when the dust settles and a single aspect emerges victorious, there is no have to have for unwell-will. There is a mutual regard for a tough-fought contest. We you should not have to loathe all those whom we oppose. 

Unfavorable partisanship has appear to determine American politics. Each individual facet sights the other with not only distrust, but as a nationwide threat. Oddly, this tends to make us much more alike than unique due to the fact both equally sides are contributors to this divided point out of The united states. In my look at, both of those the Still left and Right need to be united in their initiatives to cool the fires of extremism and hatred that are engulfing this place. We need to have to choose a cue from UFC fighters who can actually struggle without the need of hating. They know the real truth that one’s rival need to have not be one’s enemy. If we can study to disagree without the need of hating, then America can far more intently stay up to the lofty beliefs on which we were being founded.