Scarce double-eaglet hatch for Harriet and M15 at North Fort Myers nest

A rare double hatch day was observed in North Fort Myers Saturday as new offspring of Harriet and M15, named E17 and E18, were seen emerging from their shells.

Two recently hatched eaglets grew to become the stars of the Harriet and M15 present in North Fort Myers Sunday, sitting down in the nest off Bayshore Highway, making demands of meals to their dad and mom and drawing interest online and in human being.

The uncommon double hatch working day on Saturday of the eagle couple’s new offspring, named E17 and E18, could be witnessed as the pink and gray chicks emerged from their shells.

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam web page declared a pip in a single egg on Friday and then that hatching had started and then finished, for each eggs, on Saturday.

The eagle cam web page, once more, authorized countless numbers to observe by means of the several-angled eagle cameras,  quite a few exclaiming as the chicks produced their eventual techniques out of their shells:

• Wendy Michaels, Jan 23, 9:29 p.m.: “Hi there Everybody! OMG two hatches! H and M are a electrical power few.”