August 8, 2022


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Lockdown life: Top tips for staying happy and active

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Here’s a quick sneak peek of some of your top tips for staying happy in lockdown. Take it away, team!

There have been so many changes to the way we are all living our lives right now.

One of the big ones is schools being shut to most pupils and lots of you have been telling us how you’re finding home learning. this time around.

But while there have been some challenges – and it’s normal to feel upset, frustrated or angry! – you’ve also been finding awesome ways to overcome them.

So we’ve put together some of YOUR best tips to help you stay positive, active and happy through Lockdown.

Whether it’s tips on how to manage your work or keeping up with your hobbies, hopefully there’s something here for everyone to try out.

Life in Lockdown: Your Top Tips

What’s clear from many of your comments is that loads of you are going through the same thing.

While some tips might not work for everyone, sharing ideas is a good way to help spread some positivity.

Could any of the following advice help you?

Do things you enjoy

It might be a bit more difficult than usual to do some of the things you enjoy – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do them!

You might just need to think a bit creatively or take things online instead, like Ethan has.

Just like many of you, Ethan can’t do his hobbies in person, but instead of giving up he has found a way to continue his guitar and karate lessons online – which he says has been really good for his mental and physical health.

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WATCH: Ethan’s top tips on staying happy and healthy in lockdown

Even though you have tough days, Ethan believes it’s really important “we continue to try and do things that we enjoy to stay positive”.

‘Always have something to look forward to’

Next up are some wise words from Isabelle – she thinks it’s important to plan ahead so you have something to look forward to.

She says: “On the weekends we always have movie night or pizza night”.

They don’t need to be big plans, just something that will put a smile on your face. It could be going for a long walk, baking some sweet treats with your parents or watching your favourite TV show as a family.

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WATCH: Isabelle gives us her top tips on staying happy and healthy in lockdown

Isabelle says it’s also really important to get some fresh air and exercise, and she makes sure she gets out to walk the dog regularly.

Jackson agrees: “I try to get out and exercise as much as possible.” Walking, jogging or a bike ride “improve my mental wellbeing and also keep me fit”.

Find out what else Jackson has to say:

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WATCH: What are Jackson’s tips?

Stick to a schedule

Meanwhile Indi’s experience is a little bit different. As her mum is a key worker she is able to go to school a few times a week.

She says: “I think I’ve been really lucky going to school… I’ve found it easier to learn… but it’s really important to stick to the same schedule when (I am) working from home.

“What I tend to do is get the hard subjects done in the morning, then I can look forward to the fun subjects in the afternoon.”

Here are all of Indi’s top tips:

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WATCH: Find out how Indi is staying happy and upbeat in lockdown

Sticking to the school schedule outside of school, works for her, so maybe having a proper structure, or timetable, is something that might help you too?

Like Ethan, Indi also agrees hobbies are “hugely important for us – physically and mentally”, so whether it’s dance or music lessons online, cycling or keepy-ups in the garden, do your best to get up and get out there!

Screen breaks!

Tarka, Jonah and Delphi have similar advice.

Tarka also believes a routine is massively important in keeping your mind and body healthy and active, especially if you have a full school day to juggle.

“I get up at the same time every day and we all have breakfast together,” he says.

He has some other advice too: “It’s also important to take a break from the screen and do something else for a while… which helps me concentrate throughout the day.”

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Check out Tarka, Jonah and Delphi’s top tips for staying positive in lockdown

It’s important to remember there is a life outside of the internet, video calls and devices. Make sure you take time out away from staring at a screen.

“Having a hobby keeps your mind occupied and stops you from being bored,” says Jonah. He says he likes to get his school work done first which gives him more time to play after.

Delphi says even though she doesn’t have as much school work as her brothers she likes to help her mum bake, and also takes time out to feed her chickens “which makes my day easier”.

So to sum up, what can help?

Routine – Whilst it isn’t always possible, trying to form a schedule to give structure to your day and help break things up, is something that can really help. That’s why more than one of our top-tippers suggested this!

Hobbies – Yep, this is a big one! Obviously we can’t all compete in the sports we all love right now, play in a band, or be taught to play instruments – at least not in the usual way(!), but finding a way to keep your mind and body occupied can be one of the best things for being happy and active.

Friends and family – Staying in touch with friends and loved ones is hugely important, not just for you, but them too. Remember, like Indi says, “we’re all going through this together, and you are not alone”.

Stay safe, stay positive… and remember this won’t be forever.

Jackson, age 12

Hopefully you’ve found a tip or two to help improve lockdown life and thanks to all of you that have been in touch to share your messages.

Maybe you have some of your own tips and advice which you think might help others – make sure you share them in the comments below.