August 8, 2022


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CBT Therapy in New York City: Things You Need to Know

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What Is CBT? A Comprehensive Guide To CBT In 2021 | Manhattan CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy NYC clinics and  medical facilities continue to grow due to the increase of stress that people are facing in the modern world.  People’s emotions when not managed can lead to depression, panic attacks or anxiety. Letting these concerns linger can have a bad effect if not addressed immediately. A lot of methods of CBT therapy in New York City are being used by therapists to assist people in overcoming depression, panic attacks and anxiety. 

There are several kinds of Cognitive Behavioral therapy that can treat many kinds of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, phobia and many others. Therapists and psychologists have been working together to find solutions on these issues to be able to assist their patients properly and individually. 

Types of  CBT therapy in NYC

Acceptance and Commitment  Therapy

When a person recognizes that his emotion is beyond normal , it will be a good sign that he’s open to professional heath. Recognizing behavioral issues is important since it can be the first step to make a move on seeking professional help. Counter conditioning and positive reinforcement is the main  strategy  used in this method. Therapists train their clients to be able to balance their thoughts to change negative one to positive one and also teaches them how to react positively in every situation to avoid worrying too much that cold eventually  leads to depression or anxiety. Commitment is also relevant when having CBT since this can determine how much are you willing to give to be able to overcome your behavioral issues. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is usually used for patients who have suicidal tendencies due to depression and anxiety. In this method patients are thought to know the acceptance and change are two different things when it comes to addressing emotion and thoughts. They need to know that the therapist accepts them as they are, but they need to change to be able to reach their goals. This therapy method involves one on one and group sessions. One on one sessions involve your therapist motivating you to think positively to b e able to train their minds that they can solve issues by thinking positively instead of negatively.  The goal for this type of therapy is to replace ineffective behavior, by doing so the patient is able to respond properly to the problems they’re facing. 

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

This type of therapy is recommended for people who have to learn how to modify and challenge unhelpful beliefs that are related to trauma. Sessions usually last for 12 sessions or more dependent on the improvement of the patients’ behavior. The therapist assists the patients to be able to overcome the traumatic events that happened in their lives. Most people who have suffered from trauma will carry the load until they can move on, by having sessions with a therapist they can eventually reduce the negative effect of the trauma on their lives. When a person suffers trauma this can affect their thinking in a way that it interferes with their daily lives.Once triggered by the trauma they  lose control of their thinking and re-experiences the emotions they have during the trauma. Therefore, it should be corrected. 

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Basically in this type of therapy the therapy would assist the patients in rationalizing their irrational way of thinking about events and circumstances that is happening in their lives. They do this by using positive visualization and reframing their thinking. Homework is also given so patients are able to continue their therapy while home or in session. Behavioral therapy is helpful in reframing the mind of a person to think more positively and be able to know how to handle their problems by thinking positively. 

You can find a best and  licensed therapist who specializes in CBT therapy in New York. They are trained to be able to approach clients in a proper manner without triggering any emotions they are undergoing during the evaluation. The methods are also tried and tested effectively , since human   and behavior are hard to evaluate. Most strategies are evidenced-based so they can prove its effectiveness and so more patients can be motivated to contact their therapist and submit themselves for therapy.

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