7 Best Online Shopping Alternatives to Amazon


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To some people, it may seem that there is no substantial alternative to Amazon, as it has come to exemplify online shopping in the most influential of ways. Nevertheless, the fact is that there are numerous online stores that not only match Amazon in terms of their prices and products but also its customer experience. Check AmonAvis.fr for reviews and customer experiences of these online stores.

Here is a list of online stores that serve as an alternative to Amazon.

1.Thrive Market

This online store gives memberships with a monthly subscription. With an orderly selection that can be screened in any number of ways based on foods and lifestyle products, Thrive is the exact spot for shopping for groceries. Thrive Market has its focus on organic foods and groceries. It also comes with 30 days trial so you don’t need to pay for membership right away.

Thrive market has become one of the favorites among online stores because it offers quality products at a cheaper rate. Through Idealo, a website that allows users to correlate prices on a span of products from different online stores, you can be guided on getting the best deals.

2. Walmart

Walmart has revamped itself into one of the best in the world of online shopping. Their website is much like their offline store. When you visit Walmart, the online store is a user-friendly website that instantly shows you their most tantalizing bargains. The search function found at the top of every page enables a timely and easy search. Walmart offers shopping for any kind of goods.

3. Ali Express

Just like Amazon, Ali Express establishes its existence in new economies finding new customers. AliExpress is a Chinese-owned online shopping company that was established five years after Amazon was founded. It also sells many varieties of goods at a cheap rate. If you’re looking for an Amazon alternative, Ali Express is the most identical online shopping store when compared to Amazon.

4. Newegg

Newegg is a considerable option if you decide to shop out of Amazon although it misses its features and product range. In fact, from making an order to checking your dashboard, there is hardly any feature that Newegg does not seem to have reproduced. It also supports local currencies and also other currencies worldwide. They are attracting many people.

5. eBay

eBay is perhaps the most prominent Amazon alternative, and it started around the same period. One of the incredible things about eBay is that while many of the products listed on it can be outright bought, some of the products are put up for auction. For some other products, you will have an option as to whether you want to purchase them or bid for them. It is a general online store where you can buy a variety of products.

6. Target

Target is an online shopping store that is an alternative to Amazon.Target offers same-day delivery choices on many important products such as groceries, household products. Although they don’t offer many discounts, the products they sell are those that are trending and it’s at a cheaper price.

7. Overstock

Initially, overstock was a website that sold surplus goods from other online stores but recently it has grown to become an alternative to Amazon. Overstock now sells a new lifestyle and household products and has pretty good customer service.


Although Amazon has grown to become a leading online shopping around the world, there are still some online stores that serve as an alternative to Amazon, and some of them are listed above.


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