What You Should Know About the Beauty of Antique Engagement Rings in Dallas

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Are you tired of the same designs of engagement rings in jewelry stores? Do you want something unique and special? How about an engagement ring that is one of a kind? Then you should consider getting an antique engagement ring.

Does your loved one prefer classic and vintage designs over sleek and modern engagement rings? Then here is what you should know about the beauty of antique engagement rings in Dallas.

What is an Antique Engagement Ring?

What makes an engagement ring antique is that it should be over 50 years old so any ring before the 1960’s is considered antique. 

Victorian Antique Engagement Rings (1835-1900)

The Victorian antique engagement rings got its name from Queen Victoria of England.This style of antique engagement rings is known for having a yellow gold look courtesy of Queen Victoria who loves the color and design. 

There was a boom on the supply of gold during the mid-1800’s and so many rings in this era are of yellow gold. The rings are distinctive from the rows of diamonds which mainly came from South Africa. The rings are often decorated with ornate filigree often in gold and have engravings. 

Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings (1901 – 1920)

This era is named after another monarch of Great Britain, King Edward VIII. In the Victorian era where yellow gold was popular, in this era platinum became the popular choice in engagement rings which meant more bolder and stylish designs in the filigree which incorporated lacy designs with flowers and scrolls. 

This era preferred a cleaner and modern look such as white on white with a diamond or pearl in shining platinum. 

Art Deco Engagement Rings (1920-1930)

The art deco era brought about a major change in the look and designs of the engagement rings which reflected the popular trends of that time. Instead of classic flowers and colors such as yellow and white, this era featured engagement rings with new designs incorporating geometric shapes and straight lines which were inspired by the new architectural wonders such as the Empire State building in New York or the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. 

The art deco era for engagement rings began in the roaring twenties where the trending styles were bolder, louder and colorful which reflected the flapper style of dress and jazz music that was all the rage. Yellow gold and platinum was switched to less expensive metal such as white gold.

How much does an antique engagement ring cost?

If you are choosing an antique engagement ring because you like the design and history of the ring but are worried that it might be too expensive don’t worry because there is an antique ring still beautiful and unique that will fit any one’s budget.

Antique engagement rings can fetch you to a little over less than $1,000 to more than $20,000. However, you must consider the history and components of the rings such as if it came from a rare and popular maker, the gem stone, and its 4Cs. The 4Cs—color, clarity, cut and carat weight of the diamond. 

Where can I buy antique engagement rings in Dallas?

You would want to buy your ring from a reputable and trust jeweler as it will guarantee you the best quality and price. Make sure also that the jeweler that you are looking to buy at is licensed and certified so that the engagement rings you get are of good quality which are up to global standards. 

You can browse online on Google reviews as well as asking your friends and family for recommendations. Look for engagement rings with diamonds that either have an AGS or GIA certificate. 

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How to Select a Quality Antique Engagement Ring?

  1. Look for the 4Cs

The cut of the diamond  does not mean the design of the diamond, rather it refers to the quality of the diamond’s proportions, angles, facets and other details. A beautifully cut diamond makes the stone sparkle so that its beauty will shine. The other Cs are clarity, color and carat weight.

  1. Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship refers to how the ring is made and what style it is. Look for unique designs that are not common to have a special, one of a kind engagement ring.

  1. Setting

Antique engagement rings from different eras have different yet elaborate settings which makes the ring different from other rings. The style and design of the setting can make a ring elegant yet subtle as it showcases the stone.