We’re changing our coverage on aged crime tales

Prior to the world-wide-web became the main route to read through Bangor Every day Information journalism, it was very uncomplicated for men and women accused of crimes to be overlooked. The story was out there for a working day or two, then the reader tossed the newspaper in a woodstove or recycling bin. Conclusion of tale. If you needed to dig up a little something from the previous, you experienced to go to the library and scroll by way of microfiche.

Now, mainly because of the overpowering dominance of Google, past issues and transgressions are living permanently. However when tale subjects would inquire for us to choose them down, we, like most newsrooms, declined. Following all, we are in the publishing enterprise. Why would we at any time unpublish a little something? It runs counter to our main mission of informing the community and making the to start with draft of record.

The reality is, news businesses have vast troves of archive material and large rankings on Google. So irrespective of whether we acknowledged it or not, we played a part in holding back all those who attempted to transfer on from their issues.