VPS Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting: Understanding The Differences

Reseller Hosting Vs VPS Hosting – Know the Difference

Both VPS Hosting and reseller hosting are common terms in the world of Web Hosting, but reseller hosting and VPS Hosting India have distinguishing differences. While VPS hosting is a product or solution, reseller hosting is a service, and so they cater to the different hosting needs of individuals and organisations. 

To give you one example, if you are looking for a reliable hosting provider in India, you can go with a reseller hosting and choose their VPS hosting solution. 

With all that said, we know that these terms can be a little perplexing for people who are not experts in this domain. That is why this article will discuss the difference between Virtual Private Server Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS Server Hosting is a solution that uses virtualisation technology to divide multiple servers into one physical server. In this, each VPS Server works independently with its own dedicated resources and operating system. 

It enables the user to leverage the combined benefit of the cost-effectiveness of Shared hosting and the higher control and customisation of Dedicated Servers.

  • Features of VPS Hosting
    • Dedicated resources for optimal performance
    • Scalability to easily adjust upgrade resources as needed
    • Root access for complete control and customisation
    • Enhanced security and data privacy
    • Requires technical expertise for server management

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a hosting service in which an individual or business buys web hosting services in bulk and then resells them by making hosting packages and setting up the prices to the end users. 

It will help build a hosting brand and generate revenue without investing much in creating and maintaining the hosting infrastructure and environment.

  • Features of Reseller Hosting
    • Ability to create and manage multiple hosting accounts
    • Custom branding for a personalised hosting business
    • Simplified management with server maintenance handled by the provider
    • Cost-efficient with wholesale pricing and revenue generation
    • More accessible for individuals with limited technical knowledge

Difference Between VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting

FeatureVPS HostingReseller Hosting
Ownership and ControlUsers have full ownership and control over their virtual server.Resellers have control over hosting plans but not the server.
Resource AllocationDedicated resources are allocated to each virtual server.Resources shared among reseller’s clients.
ScalabilityEasily scalable, resources can be upgraded or downgraded.Scalability depends on the purchased hosting package.
Technical KnowledgeRequires technical knowledge and server management skills to manage the server.The hosting provider handles server management.
SupportHosting providers offer support for server-related issues.The hosting provider handles server management and support.
Business ModelIdeal for those who need full control and flexibility.Suitable for entrepreneurs or businesses starting hosting businesses.


As you may now have already understood the point that VPS hosting and Reseller Hosting are two completely different things. So, choosing VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting will be determined only by individual and business needs and goals. 

As a matter of fact, you can choose both because if VPS Server in India is a type of car, Reseller Hosting is the car rental service. 

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