The Week Ahead: Stuck in a rehiring rut | Organization

A new year, an additional vaccine, a lot more stimulus and a acquainted – if irritating – reminder of the pandemic financial system greets buyers in the week ahead.

Do not be lulled into considering the dawn of 2021 brings about a sea alter for the investment decision markets. The markets currently are pricing in company expectations months in advance of the calendar. Extra than the typical new year’s ambition and aspiration rests on 2021 many thanks to the pandemic. A 15% rally in the S&P 500 for 2020 belies the fundamental economic actuality this year will have to reckon with.

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Financial journalist Tom Hudson hosts “The Sunshine Economy” on WLRN-FM in Miami, where he is the vice president of news. He is the former co-anchor and managing editor of “Nightly Business Report” on public television. Follow him on Twitter @HudsonsView.