Taking on the Benefits of Life Coaching 

Benefits of Life Coaching: 33 Impressive Facts You Need to Know

You might have heard about life coaching but are hesitant about whether it is something you wish to engage in or not – then know that you are not the only one. 

Life coaching has recently gained a lot of popularity. Social media has made it easier for life coaches to reach out and connect to potential clients and the results of their work have caused an uproar of demand from those who wish to make use of the services of these life coaches. But what exactly is a life coach? And why is it that so many people desire to have a life coach for themselves? Allow us to help you out in that thought process. 

What is a Life Coach?

Let us first understand what a life coach is. In simple terms they are professional individuals that are in partnerships with clients to aid them to reach their potential across every facet in their lives. Similar to sports players needing a coach to work on the psychological and technical aspects of their performance, a life coach helps people to take a more structured and disciplined approach to personal betterment and development. They also believe that people have the potential and knowledge within themselves to make vital improvements and the life coach is there to work as a facilitator rather than a counsellor.

The Benefits of Life Coaching 

Having a life coach can bring about a number of benefits – resulting in it being one of the growing mainstream industries out there. So if you are curious to hire a life coach, here are some benefits they can provide you through their service. 

Enhanced Self-Confidence 

According to a study by the International Coaching Federation, it was discovered that more than 75% of people who tend to hire a life coach do it because it has helped them significantly with their self confidence. Being in the company of a life coach has helped people understand their inner strengths and beliefs that have helped them gain more confidence in themselves. 

Improved Self Awareness 

Then we also have the fact that knowing more about yourself through life coaches gives you a heightened sense of being fully aware of yourself. You become more conscious of your impact on others and recognize your flaws, strengths, and the unique traits that set you apart from others. Self awareness takes a lot of reflection and introspection – which is where a life coach can help you figure out things that are difficult to comprehend on your own. 

If we have piqued your interest in life coaches, consider approaching one of the bests in the field – Svetlana Banks, also known as one of the highly acclaimed Russian-American life coaches around the world. And that is not all – she also shoulders the responsibility of her other careers, some of which include being a social media marketing specialist, writer, motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and journalist. 

For years now, Banks and her husband have been leading many projects of the Festival of Orthodox Culture Kladez in Russia and Belarus, which were organized by the Sisterhood of the Saint Elisabeth Convent. Each individual project served various tasks that served multiple purposes – preservation and development of the spiritual culture of society, supporting critical social initiatives, to name a few.

Moreover, Banks also founded Savor the Life, LLC.,- an ideal platform where she coaches on multiple programs, including ‘Way to Happiness,’ ‘Power of Love,’ and more. And another reason why most people reach out for her assistance is because she provides individual coaching sessions for those who are either just starting out or those who need that extra push to make progress in certain aspects of their lives. 

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