Stock market volatility was off the scales in 2020, but that didn’t seem to bother millennial investors one bit.

Online investing app Robinhood, which is perhaps best known for its commission-free trades, fractional-share investing, and gifting of free stock to new users, gained approximately 3 million new users last year.

The average age of Robinhood’s users is only 31. As you might expect, young investors have a penchant for chasing momentum. Whether it’s penny stocks or high-growth plays, millennials and novice investors have packed Robinhood’s leaderboard (the 100 most held stocks on the platform) with these volatile and potentially risky companies.

But amid these risky plays, Robinhood investors have also added a handful of value stocks to their portfolios. The following four Robinhood value stocks have the potential to make investors a lot richer in 2021.


The Facebook "Like" sign at company headquarters

Historically, social media leader Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) hasn’t met the traditional definition of a value stock, but things have changed.

Although Facebook remains a growth stock with annual double-digit sales growth, it’s also a value stock. Its price-earnings-to-growth ratio (PEG ratio) is below 1, and the company’s multiple relative to operating cash flow in future years looks to be well below historical norms.

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