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Obvious, glowing skin is everyone’s #skingoals but from time to time we listen to skin care suggestions that are essentially pores and skin treatment myths – they audio legit but may possibly not be correct. With so several pores and skin treatment myths floating all-around, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve read of or even fallen for some.

Do not miss out on the latest episode of Of course Whut as Zoe and fellow natural beauty enthusiast Mandy debunk some well-known pores and skin treatment myths. Also, keep looking at for pores and skin treatment product suggestions to enhance your pores and skin wellbeing.

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#1. Consuming h2o retains your pores and skin hydrated

Drinking a enough quantity of h2o each and every working day is beneficial for your overall health and fitness such as your skin well being, but it does not guarantee hydrated skin. On prime of ingesting drinking water often, the ideal way to retain your skin hydrated is to integrate a light cleanser and moisturizer into your pores and skin treatment routine for that extra layer of humidity in skin.

*Some elements to appear out for when finding the ideal moisturizer include things like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, squalane, glycerin, snail mucin and much more.

#2. You really do not will need sunscreen on cloudy times

Rain or glow, it is a no brainer to apply sunscreen no matter whether you’re outdoors or indoors. UV rays are all all-around us, so hardly ever underestimate the worth of SPF. By defending pores and skin from UV rays, sunscreen aids avert skin most cancers, gradual down the approach of getting old, and minimize the physical appearance of fantastic strains and wrinkles in the long time period.

#3. Exfoliating every working day is good for pores and skin

Exfoliating is a system that removes useless skin cells for crystal clear and brilliant pores and skin. However, it is not important to exfoliate every working day as in excess of-exfoliating can bring about extra hurt than great to skin. For exceptional results, exfoliate at the time or two times a week. Observe how your skin reacts to exfoliation to ascertain how often you should really integrate this step into your pores and skin care schedule.

*Some signs and symptoms of about-exfoliated pores and skin involve irritation, breakouts, dryness, redness and irritation.

#4. Nearly anything marked “natural” or “chemical-free” ought to be much better for you than other kinds of skin treatment items

Just simply because conditions like “natural” and “chemical-free” are showcased on the merchandise labeling doesn’t automatically indicate that the merchandise is free of charge of destructive or artificial elements. Preserve in intellect that labels like “natural,” “organic” and “chemical-free” never be certain that a components is secure to use and better for your pores and skin. In simple fact, some all-natural skin care items might incorporate crucial oils and botanical oils that can induce pores and skin irritation.


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