Love and Lust: 6 Hot Items Every Couple Need for a Fun Time

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You want to spice up your love life with your other half and finding the hottest items can help you to do that. Sex toys can mix things up, and they heighten the intimacy that you experience with your significant other. You want to explore new things and try what you never did before to grow as people and grow closer together. Living in the 21st century, it would be a shame if you didn’t take advantage of the fun toys available. 

#1: Couple Silicone Ball Gag

Why not explore the fun and kinky world of BDSM? The ball gag ranks as one of the most commonly used toys in BDSM, and when inserted into the mouth, it keeps the person from talking. This creates a feeling of humiliation, helplessness, and submissiveness that millions of people enjoy. The ball gag fits into the mouth to keep the person’s mouth open, and it usually secures itself around the head with a leather strap. You can buy a ball gag in different sizes from a golf ball size to a lacrosse ball. This one comes in nine different choices, and it is hollow on the inside for safety and making sure that your partner can breathe when you use it. 

#2: Spank Paddle

Meant to put a slave in their place, the Slave Bitch SM Flog Spank Paddle is one of the kinky toys that men or women can use to take control. Like all good spank paddles, this one has words on it that will leave an imprint of wording on the submissive’s bottom after you have used it. In fact, you can choose to put different words on it depending on the words that you want to use for it. The spank paddle would complement a sexy latex outfit for the perfect and dominant roleplay. 

#3: Non Stick Static Tapes

You can buy this tape in four different colors, and it works great because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your partner. You can tie them up or wrap the tape around their head and mouth without it causing a problem. With regular tape, this would cause a lot of pain, but this type of tape is about as comfortable as it gets. Keep the scissors close because this won’t remove easily with unraveling. Whatever you buy, it will come in two colors like his and hers colors like black and pink or black and purple. You can use this tape to restrain and gag your lover. As a side note, if you plan to use tape of any kind, beware of candles because some types of tape can become extra sticky when heated, and this can remove the top layer of skin. 

#4: BDSM Items

Spice up the bedroom with a female chastity belt. This acts as a form of underwear that locks up the private parts. You can’t use the bathroom or touch your genitals unless your lover permits it. To do that, they will need to unlock the belt using the key. The locked-up nature of chastity belts makes them the perfect BDSM play for lovers, and nothing says you’re mine locking up your lover’s genitals. At the same time, there’s an element of humiliation to it for those who get off on that. Many chastity belts will also have a built-in butt plug to make the encounter even hotter. The appeal of the chastity belt is the control for the dom and humiliation for the sub. 

#5: Door Swings

Let your partner sit in the swing and make your fantasies come alive. The swing makes for some great BDSM play, and you could tape their mouth or ball gag them before you start. At the same time, you can trust in the quality of this swing, and it will keep you safe during the use of it. Keep in mind, this swing can only hold up to 300 pounds. With whatever swing that you choose, you want to make sure that you choose a swing that can hold the capacity of the person who will sit in it. This will also travel with you, and you can enjoy a romantic trip with your lover on a honeymoon. With this swing, you also don’t have to worry too much about installation. You put the pipe in the door and close it. One of the great things about sex in a swing is the comfort that comes from using it, and it will perfectly fit almost any body type. Something like this can breathe new life back into your bedroom life, and you can enhance the enthusiasm of your significant other. 

#6: Original Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless

Long-lasting and coming in with four speed levels, the Original Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless uses the legendary Hitachi motor, which delivers a deep sensory experience in all the right places. Many women have talked about the intensity of this wand, and at the same time, the significant other will love watching what happens to their lover in the process. You will find that you and your lover have nothing to complain about when it comes to this wand. While it says original, this isn’t the original. Hitachi abandoned the project and said that they won’t continue it. Still, this one gets about as close to the original project as what you can get. You can also use this in partnership with some of the other sex toys mentioned.

Hopefully, this list of adult toys gives you some ideas on how you might want to spice up the bedroom with your lover. You have many available sex toys, and you should choose one where you feel particularly drawn. Humans have always had an adventurous penchant for sex and going with one of these ideas is guaranteed to bring some new stuff into the bedroom. Sex involved a lot of intimacy that gives you the chance to grow with your partner. You have an amazing range of toys, and you may want to discuss the ideas with your partner ahead of time for extra fun.