Indonesian Restaurants That You Can Find in Singapore

The holiday is coming right away! Do you have any plans to go somewhere? If the answer is no, you better start to think about it from now. Many countries are starting to open their borders to tourists because the number of COVID-19 cases is decreasing. Some travel rules have also begun to be less strict. Travelers who have been vaccinated three times will no longer need to do a PCR swab. The rules regarding quarantine have also been lifted. Now it’s easier for travelers to go on vacation abroad.

Some countries that have opened their borders are Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Australia, etc. If you want to go to a developed country not too far away, Singapore is the right choice. Traveling by plane from Jakarta to the country only takes two hours. There are many interesting tourist sites to visit. You can take your family to Sentosa Resort World, Gardens By The Bays, Merlion Park, or Adventure Cove Park. You can also easily find many good hotels in Singapore. You can stay at the Bencoolen hotel, a hotel that is located near the MRT station. The location of the stay does play an important role. Hotels near the MRT station will help you a lot.

In addition to visiting tourist attractions, another agenda that is usually you can do while on vacation is try the culinary arts of the local community. You don’t have to worry because Singapore is heaven for food lovers. Modern, western, and special food are ready to serve.

But there is something you need to know, Indonesian food is also popular in foreign countries. In Singapore, there are even many Indonesian restaurants that serve traditional menus.

The popularity of Indonesian dishes in Singapore is proven by the presence of several Indonesian restaurants in the land of the Lions. In addition to the traditional menu, this restaurant also has an Indonesian feel. The locations are scattered in various areas. If you stay there and miss some Indonesian food, here are some recommendations :

  1. Tambuah Mas

This restaurant has been around for 40 years and consistently serves Minang, Sulawesi, and Javanese food. Managed from generation to generation by the family, the recipe for Tambuah Mas always presents an authentic Indonesian taste. It is also famous for its services that make customers feel like they are at home. The menus offered include Special Fried Chicken, Chicken Curry, and Cendol Ice. The delicacy of the dish has also been recognized by the tongues of Singaporeans and Indonesians. Tambuah Mas is located at 19 Tanglin Road and 290 Orchard Road (not far from Hotel G).

  1. Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut

I think you are already familiar with the name Pak Ndut. In Indonesia, restaurants that provide fried duck on the main menu are quite popular.

Located at Lucky Plaza, Pak Ndut’s Bebek Goreng restaurant serves traditional Indonesian recipes. The favorite menu at this restaurant is the Original Fried Duck plus Rice. The price is around 9.90 SGD/Rp 102,933. Of course, this dish is served with lalap and sambal, which is known to be very spicy. You do not need to be afraid, the spicy taste of the sambal duck can be neutralized with a fresh serving of beverages. This restaurant also serves a selection of other dishes such as Gado Gado and Crispy Fried Chicken.

  1. Indochili

Indochili is known as a restaurant that provides traditional Madurese cuisine. The mainstay menu at this restaurant is Madura Chicken Satay and Buntut Soup. The success of this typical Indonesian restaurant was also marked by the opening of three branches in Zion Park, Tanjong Pagar, and Science Park. Impressive right?

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