Herbs are nature’s gift to mankind. They are highly potent and have healing qualities. Herbs and their derivatives are proven to be safer than other cosmetic products, and have negligible side effects. Herbal beauty products have their source in the ancient Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda.

Herbal beauty products are a combination of dried powders, flowers and roots in an oil base. They contain no preservatives, and are ecofriendly. They are not tested on animals and can be used on any skin type. The most sought-after herbal products are those that contain aloe vera. It is an essential ingredient in most herbal preparations.

Other well-known herbal products include cleansing agents made from spearmint and lime, moisturizers made from lavender and ginseng, and exfoliating scrubs made from the seeds and pits of fruits, and cleansing grains like oatmeal, corn meal, and tapioca. In addition, herbal moisturizers containing cucumber and cantaloupe are mild, light, and equally effective against dry skin.

Some herbal products help with mild conditions such as color patches, wrinkled skin, dull skin, and acne. These herbal products have their origin in flower and plant extracts.

For those who would prefer to make their own herbal concoctions at home, a wide variety of recipes are available on the Internet and in book stores. Some of the simplest recipes include two to three ingredients such as sage and sea salt, or apricots and water blended with skim milk powder, which can be easily found in stores.

Beauty products are not essential, but they are a luxury that most of us can afford. If you use beauty products, try to find some that have herbal ingredients, which will cater to your concerns while taking care of your body.

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