Healthy Cooking Starts With Pure Clay Cookware, Find Out How?

Healthy Cooking Starts With Pure Clay Cookware, Find Out How?

Truly healthy cooking means cooking food in a way all its nutrients stay intact and it is free from all kind of toxins. To achieve this, the first step would obviously be choosing the right ingredients – all-natural, organic, unprocessed and rich in nutrients. The second step is even more important – cooking these ingredients the right way.

Most people are good at choosing healthy ingredients but not everybody uses the healthiest cookware – the one that is 100% non-toxic and preserves delicate nutrients by cooking with food friendly heat. It must also lock steam leaving the food because this steam is water-soluble nutrients.

Our ancestors used pure clay pots for cooking, no wonder they lived a life with a lot less health problems than we do. Today, conventional metal and ceramic cookware are widely used for cooking which is turning our to be extremely harmful for health. Metals and ceramics leach metal and chemical toxins while cooking that react with food’s nutrients and form compounds that keep accumulating in the body. When this keeps happening over a long period of time, it affects the body at cellular level and starts damaging organs. This contributes to causing common diseases like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and life threatening diseases like cancer. This is probably the reason the richest people face the most health issues, for they have access to the most expensive cookware made from ceramics and non-stick cookware with harmful coatings.

Thankfully it is still possible to get a cookware that is as healthy as the one our ancestors used. Unglazed cookware made from all-natural pure clay cooks food without contaminating it and preserving all its nutrients. ‘Unglazed’ because all kinds of glazes and enamels are full of chemicals that poison the food while cooking.

Pure clay is the best quality of clay, also known as primary clay that is harvested from unfarmed and non-industrialized land after testing samples for all kinds of toxins. After procuring the raw material, the next step is to make cooking pots without using chemicals. Any mechanized process would call for use of chemicals, so the best way to make pots and pans from pure clay is using the old fashioned method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into usable pots. The process is tedious but is worth the effort because this is the only way to make the healthiest cookware.

The pot thus made is free from toxins and keeps food’s nutrients intact so you get the healthiest and most nutritious food every time you cook in a pure clay pot!

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