Great Valentine’s Day food and drink gifts under $25

Nowhere is it written that a Valentine’s Day gift has to be pricey to be special and if your special someone loves to cook — or eat — there are lots of affordable options to score you points on Feb. 14. Even better, when you operate in the under-$25 price bracket you can snag multiple, edible gifts instead of one big one and give yourself that many more chances to bag a winner. Or put together a thoughtful basket of things you picked out and know they’ll love — and use.

There are also the couples out there who think V-Day is a crock of you-know-what, and we totally get that. If the label applies to you and yours, relieve the pressure of finding a stereotypically “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift, and go with a thoughtful and practical giftlet instead — you know, a smaller gift. Everyone eats, after all, and so food, candy, wine and cocktail gifts are easy wins. We unearthed a few options that won’t break the bank. Read on for our under-$25 Valentine’s Day food and drink gift picks.

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This salty-sweet treat also happens to be a cheeky way to let them know you think they’re the best. They can drizzle this honey on everything from fried chicken to cake, but if they’re more of a spicy little number, there’s also a Bees Knees hot honey with habanero peppers.


I’m a total sucker for fancy glassware and these stylish coupes are right up my alley — in case anyone I know is reading this. Pair this set of retro coupes with a good bottle of gin, brandy, whiskey or other cocktail-friendly booze and some cocktail picks for garnishing. 

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Runamok Maple

Speaking of cockails, try a botanical arrangement of a different sort. Runamok starts with high-grade, pure maple syrup and infuses it with classic cocktail companions like fresh ginger, jasmine tea, hibiscus and smoked pecan wood. Perfect with whisky, vodka or just pour it over cocktails like the old days.


If your boo digs umami, this is the barbecue sauce to snag them for Valentine’s Day. The exact recipe is a carefully guarded family secret, but I can tell you it’s made from a pitch-perfect combination of mirin (rice wine vinegar), ginger, garlic and green onion. It also comes in a really cool bottle and I personally can’t stop putting it on everything I eat. 

If someone got me this addictive sauce along with a few nice steaks, I’d be swooning for days. Just sayin’.

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A spoon rest is one of those things that’s so useful in the kitchen but so easy to overlook. Give your sweetheart the gift of a cleaner counter and a smile every time they use this sprightly ceramic rest with floral charm, even if they’re only heating up a can of soup.


For the tea lover in your life who also appreciates minimalism, this ceramic cup comes with a lid and single-serving metal infuser insert, so they can brew in the same mug they drink from. It’s available in several solid colors as well as patterns, to suit anybody’s style. And the double-walled design keeps their tea hot and their hands comfortably warm (not scalded).


If your Valentine likes the occasional steak or burger but hasn’t tapped into the wonder of cast iron yet, this is a perfect chance to alter the course of their cooking forever. Cast iron is the optimal indoor cooking material for most meats, as it gets screaming hot and holds heat for magazine-cover-worthy sear marks.

Uncommon Goods

Maybe you want to give them something to go in their cup? This delicate pink chai blend is the perfect shade for lovey-dovey types, and the Ayurvedic-inspired blend of spices and beetroot (for the color) is made from all organic ingredients.


For tastes that skew savory, a set of nice cheese knives is a winning gift, especially if you include a wedge or two of decent fromage and a bottle of wine (which you might just be able to manage at this price). These modern slicers and servers come in a fancy gold or matte black finish.


A coffee table book for the lover of both food and eye-catching art, this photographic feast features vividly colored photos of various ingredients in every shade of the rainbow, and then some.

Uncommon Goods

This set of boutique lollipops (flavors include lavender lemongrass, vanilla hibiscus, Champagne and roses and strawberry basil) is already sweet enough, but don’t toss those sticks in the trash. Pot them in soil and they’ll sprout into various plants, from herbs to baby blue eyes blooms. Does this count as buying flowers?


Not everyone loves chocolate — for those who do, check out our unique chocolate gift guide, because it happens to include several options under $25 (and, more importantly, they’re all delicious). But for everyone else, these gemlike pink Turkish Delight candies are flavored with rose, dusted in sugar and clearly perfect for the occasion.


Does it seem a little cheesy to give someone pizza socks for Valentine’s Day? We think not, especially for someone with a healthy sense of humor — and love of pepperoni, of course. (A whole pizza made of socks is even more incredible, but $1 over the $25 limit.) You can also get sushi socks, if that doesn’t seem too… fishy.

Uncommon Goods

This punny line of date-sweetened spreads is perfect for sweethearts with a healthy bent. Free of refined sugar and oils, these vegan dessert spreads are paleo-friendly, and perfect for slathering on toast or whatever else you like. They’re sold separately in chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon flavors and are also available on Amazon.


Never struggle with popping the cork from a bottle of wine again (as long you keep this nifty electric wine opener charged; luckily, the built-in rechargeable battery promises to open up to 30 bottles before it needs fresh juice). A handy cutter is included to slice off foil seals with– and if the red shade is too cliche, it comes in black and silver too.

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