Clay Cookware: A Ten Thousand Year Old Practice Becoming Popular Again


As people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of cooking food in conventional cookware, clay pot cooking is gaining popularity once again. Some would be surprised to know that cooking in clay cookware is as old as human civilization. It is evident from the ten-thousand-year-old artifacts from great and powerful civilizations – you can find cookware and utensils made from clay.

It changed only a few decades ago when manufacturers started using metals and chemical laden ceramics to make cookware. They probably weren’t aware of the long-term side effects of cooking in such toxic cookware.

Why Metals And Ceramics Are Unhealthy For Cooking?

Metals are reactive by nature and food is a biochemical entity. While cooking, heat acts as a catalyst and metal ions react with nutrients in food to form toxic compounds. Ceramics contain metal oxides that leach metal ions in a similar way. These contaminants start accumulating in body organs and blood – the immune system is compromised and our body starts getting sick. Such contaminants contribute to causing health problems that range from minor infections to deadly diseases like cancer.

How Clay Cookware Heals Your Body?

Clay is naturally non-reactive. The cookware made from pure clay DOES NOT leach like conventional pots and pans. The body is fully capable of cleansing toxins already accumulated in it if you stop further intake of these poisons. Over time you will start noticing that your health condition is improving. Some have claimed to even heal diabetes just by switching to pure clay cooking.

Another health benefit of clay cookware is – it keeps nutritional value of your wisely chosen healthy ingredients intact! While metals and ceramics destroy delicate nutrients like complex carbs with their harsh heat, pure clay saves those nutrients, making it easy to cook nutritious food every time.

The body needs water-soluble nutrients on a daily basis – they can’t be stored like fat-soluble nutrients. These nutrients escape freely as steam while cooking in conventional cookware. But thanks to excellent steam management by pure clay cookware, they stay within the food even after cooking. In this way, you can cook highly nutritious food with clay pot cooking.

The Popularity Of Clay Cookware

Healthy cooking is need of the hour – it’s not a choice but a must-have to keep yourself and your families healthy. This is the reason people are slowly switching to this ancient but healthier way of cooking. A number of positive reviews from people who decided to try pure clay cookware prove this fact.

Pure clay is truly nature’s gift to healthy cooks. It’s only a matter of time before people would start coming back to Mother Nature and switch back to this natural material for cooking healthy.

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