Chevy Blazer EV Police Car Coming in 2024


Alongside the debut of the new Blazer EV SUV on Monday, Chevrolet showed a police-prepped variant, which is expected to arrive in early 2024. We only have this single photo to go on right now, but Chevy will likely release more information as the Blazer EV nears production.

Chevy says the Police Pursuit Vehicle will be based on the high-performance Blazer SS EV and will have “the largest Ultium battery in the lineup.” Expect power output matching the SS, so a healthy 557 horsepower and 648 pound-feet of torque, and at least 290 miles of estimated range.

The Blazer EV PPV will have the SS’ front Brembo brakes for the best stopping performance, and Chevy says this version has a police-specific interior designed to accommodate cops and their gear. It’s unclear if the Blazer EV PPV will have all the same driver-assistance technologies as the civilian variant.

In addition to the PPV, Chevy says the Blazer EV’s various trims “offer different range and content suited for additional fleet and commercial customers.” That means we could see the Blazer EV pressed into service as a rental car, security patrol or even a delivery vehicle.

The 2024 Chevy Blazer EV will go on sale in summer 2023, priced around $47,595. The SS is expected to start around $66,000, though pricing for the PPV is still TBD.


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