Canada adds 4,630 new coronavirus cases as global infections near 100M

a group of people walking down a busy city street: TORONTO, Dec. 19, 2020 People wearing face masks cross a street in Toronto, Canada, on Dec. 19, 2020.

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TORONTO, Dec. 19, 2020 People wearing face masks cross a street in Toronto, Canada, on Dec. 19, 2020.

Canada added 4,630 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 753,011.

To date, the novel coronavirus has claimed 19,238 lives in Canada, with the majority of fatalities occurring in Ontario and Quebec.

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However, over 671,000 Canadians have recovered after falling ill, and more than 21.3 million tests for COVID-19 have been administered.

In a series of tweets Monday, Canada’s Chief Public Health Minister Dr. Theresa Tam said while daily case counts are “trending down nationally, continuing concerns including the emergence of more transmissible virus variants, warn us that trends can change all too quickly.”

Tam warned that the risk of re-acceleration of the COVID-19 virus is “ever present.”

She urged the public to continue abiding by measures in place to stem the spread of the virus, including limiting their number of contacts, wearing masks and practicing physical distancing and good hand hygiene.

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Tam’s comments come as the vaccine rollout continues across the country.

According to Health Canada, as of Thursday, a total of 1,119,225 doses of the two vaccines approved to protect against COVID-19 had been distributed across the country.

Of those, 839,949 doses have been administered, representing approximately 1.1 per cent of Canada’s total population.

New cases in the provinces

Ontario added 1,958 new cases and 43 more deaths on Monday. To date, the province has seen 256,960 infections and 5,846 fatalities.

In Quebec, 1,203 more cases were detected and health officials said 43 more people have died after testing positive for the virus.

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The new cases bring Quebec’s total case load to 254,836 while the new fatalities push the death toll to 9,521.

Meanwhile, 240 new cases were detected in Saskatchewan, while 113 new COVID-19 infections were reported in Manitoba.

Five more people have died in Manitoba after testing positive for the virus, health officials said, while Saskatchewan said one more resident has died.

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In Atlantic Canada, 27 more cases were reported, all in New Brunswick.

The new infections push the province’s total case load to 1,151, however, health officials said no one else has died.

Neither Nova Scotia nor Newfoundland and Labrador saw a new case or death on Monday.

Prince Edward Island did not release any new COVID-19 data, however, the latest data released on Tuesday said 103 of the province’s 110 cases are considered to be recovered.

In Western Canada, 1,088 more cases were reported.

Alberta added 742 new infections, for a total of 121,535.

Twenty-five new deaths mean that, so far, 1,574 people have died in Alberta after testing positive for COVID-19.

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Meanwhile, health authorities in British Columbia said 346 more people have contracted the virus, pushing the total number of infections to 64,828.

Officials also confirmed 26 additional fatalities have occurred since Friday, meaning the province has now seen a total of 1,154 deaths associated with COVID-19.

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Two new cases in Nunavut bring the total number of infections in the territory to 282, however health authorities say 264 of those cases are recovered.

No new cases or fatalities were reported in the Yukon or Northwest Territories.

Global cases near 100 million

The total number of cases around the world neared 100 million on Monday.

By 8:30 p.m. ET, there were a total of 99,655,985 cases globally, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University.

Since the virus was first detected in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, it has claimed 2,138,251 lives.

The United States remained the viral epicentre on Monday with 25,261,902 COVID-19 infections and more than 420,000 fatalities to date.