Apple Car May Take Siri Commands To A Whole New Level


The Apple Car patent goes on to explain the technical nitty-gritty of what its autonomous system can do, providing several other examples, referred to as “embodiments” of its patented tech. There’s a lot of technical jargon buried in the document, but there are a few standouts. For example, there is a provision that describes that the system is equipped with cameras that can detect the biometrics of the individual sitting in the cockpit of the vehicle, and it can supposedly override control to that individual if a command is given to break away from exterior control. It sounds like there are also several safety mechanisms in place to ensure that this can be done without endangering the individual inside of the vehicle. 

Such safety mechanisms are described in-depth by Apple, where it’s claimed that “the navigation manager may select default criteria for selecting a stopping point … in various situations the navigation manager may generate at least one backup plan (determined, for example, to achieve a minimum level of safety while also directed towards a stopping point associated with the destination) whenever guidance from an individual via intent signals is anticipated, so that a lack of input (or delayed input) from the individual does not lead to undesired consequences.”

Apple describes that a remote signal can be sent to the autonomous vehicle from any sort of optical media, as well as any standard network, voice, or memory-based transmission. 


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