August 17, 2022


Make Somone Happy

‘A Critical Conversation’ exhibit uses art to impel consideration in Eugene-Springfield

11 min read

A synonym for propaganda is “information.” Another synonym for propaganda is “disinformation.” It’s all in how people process this data.

“Because propaganda tends to illustrate a viewpoint, it evokes emotions and some type of reaction,” filmmaker Gregory S. Black said. ”That’s what draws me to create: the ability to get emotions or get people connected.”

Toward this end, Black co-organized “A Critical Conversation,” an exhibition that offers a subjective artistic perspective to spark dialogue. In the show, Black and 10 additional artists make their statement on the intersection of art, race and privilege at home and in the wider culture. A short film from Black will join in-gallery printmaking performances, paintings, panel discussions and selected poetry intend as an anti-racist message in spurring commentary and questioning race at Eugene Contemporary Art’s ANTI-AESTHETIC art space

“A Critical Conversation”

What:A multi-disciplinary group art project focusing on the intersections of art, race and privilege at home and the culture at large. The exposition features a group exhibition, in-gallery printmaking, performances, moderated panel discussions and selected poetry presented