Plenty of makers like the concept of building a junk journal (they are a large amount of operate), but they really do not know especially why they want to build one. I’ll cover eight matters to like about junk journals that highlight how specific these guides are.

It’s possible you’re acquainted with all of them. And perhaps, if you haven’t regarded as all of these details, they’ll give you some suggestions or a renewed interest in functioning on junk journals.

Initial, let us rapidly protect what particularly is a junk journal.

A Junk Journal is a handmade guide of recycled and uncovered components and ephemera. The internet pages can be utilized to publish, draw, paint or record reminiscences, views, suggestions, and inspiration.

Components for a junk journal are frequently located or recycled, so this delivers us to the initial thing to appreciate about junk journals:

1 — Junk Journals are certainly exceptional pieces of ebook art

Since there’s this kind of a huge variety in all the features used to make a junk journal, no two are particularly alike. Many of us have a array of artwork provides, papers, individual ephemera, and other supplies, and even if we have equivalent elements, the last products every of us produces is exclusive.

Talking of artwork supplies, here’s the next issue to really like about junk journals:

2 — Junk journals usually have to have lots of resources

This suggests that you can actively have interaction in making use of up your artwork supplies and ephemera.

You can go by way of your stash of sample paper and corresponding colour inks. You can distress paper for your internet pages or tea-dye or espresso-dye paper. Pull out other combined media merchandise like paints and stencils. You can incorporate gildings like ribbons, cloth, or beads. Here’s an possibility to use up what you’ve bought.

If you’re using outdated or found goods, it is the right time to seem by means of your capture-all drawers in your property exactly where you’ve stashed away —whatever you’ve been stashing away— receipts, notes, random shots, motion picture ticket stubs, and use them inside of your junk journals.

The third thing to adore about junk journals speaks specifically to what you can do with all your uncovered bits:

3 — You can follow upcycling creatively

Believe of this as a ability. How do you arrange your resources and identified bits in a pleasing way? Which is the problem that you can pick to choose up when you are generating a junk journal.

Art journal pages

I’ll notice that this is exactly where loads of people can get tripped up and confused. You can get apprehensive, “Well, I never know how to do this. I want it to look attractive and fabulous, but I’m worried that if I attempt, I’m heading to despise it, and I’m likely to be so let down, and I’ll sense like a failure”.

Individuals are honest fears. I absolutely felt them when I was starting out. If you uncover by yourself in this position, you can remind oneself of two matters:

  1. What you create is for yourself. You really do not even will need to present anybody if you don’t want to, so you do not need to have to be self-mindful about what you make.

  2. When you’re accomplished producing your to start with junk journals, it is achievable you are not likely to like what you make (not likely) but it is probable. But the understanding you will have received from the practical experience will aid so a lot in earning your following one. You’ll know what you could have completed in different ways. Try to remember that this “creative upcycling” is a ability, so that indicates you have to perform at it.

If you are a tiny confused with all the choices and elements of making just one, then think about my fourth cause to like junk journals:

4 — You can “dress them up” as a lot or as very little as you’d like

If you like occupied, chunky layers you can do that, or you can hold them very uncomplicated. You can think about what you want to highlight. Perhaps you want a large amount of the attention on the address, but want to preserve the webpages plain.

cover with postage stamps
I built this protect with pages from a stamp album

Don’t forget, you can always go back and include more issues in excess of time. This is anything that I however do. Yrs later, I continue to go back again and work on sure guides.

I want to communicate about something listed here — the strategy of time, and our solution to performing on jobs. We are inclined to have the expectation of making artwork in a very precise way and it goes one thing like this: You begin, you function proficiently just on that venture till it is finished, and then you transfer on the anything else. The emphasis is on the conclusion solution. You sense attained only when you have manufactured anything completed.

There are 2 points to take into account why this is not the great way to technique producing.

  1. The journey is just as important (even additional so) than the spot.

  2. If you are so focused on finishing and shifting on, you could possibly be closing your self off from returning to it, which is something I individually appreciate performing.

Subsequent, the fifth cause to enjoy junk journals is:

5 — You can opt for a topic that speaks to you

Themes are fantastic since they aid you assume about the glance and experience of your development. Some individuals like to buy printable kits that incorporate pages and more compact decorative bits. These electronic kits are typically affordable, ranging from $2 to $4 on Etsy, and you can glimpse for things like a Xmas topic, Beatrix Potter, Jane Austen, a pirate concept, Wonderwoman, or what ever!

Some men and women never treatment to use printable papers and instead concentrate on finding their possess paper resources. Really don’t fail to remember that you can also select to concentrate on relatives themes and do a junk journal with photos and papers from a relative or anyone important to you. These are great techniques to embellish junk journals.


6 — You can use it to store paper treasures

Very first of all, brainstorm with me illustrations of paper treasures. Postcards and images are paper treasures. What else? Currency. Postage stamps. Come across a selection of paper treasures and then examine methods you can tuck them into your junk journals. 

Two chunky journals stuffed with vintage papers
What varieties of paper treasures could you consider seeing in in this article?

The photo in this spread is very much altered from the tea and rust

The subsequent explanation to like junk journals is a single of my favorites:

7 — You can switch them into gluebooks

This is my finest recommendation for what to do with a gluebook. We have a tendency to get connected to the junk journals we make. This experience grows when you get pleasure from including to the content material of the internet pages.

A vintage 1930s black and white photo of some cars parked in a square in a European city.

The previous purpose to really like junk journals is:

8 — Junk Journaling delivers folks jointly

It’s awesome how social media has been a big contributor to the attractiveness of junk journals due to the fact it is what keeps persons related with a person another, even when they are on reverse coasts or in different international locations.

Speaking of on the internet artists, Barbara of 49 Dragonflies is an individual who makes tons of movies about junk journaling. I am on her YouTube podcast of most requested junk journal concerns, where by both equally of us will response thoughts individuals have about junk journaling. It comes out subsequent month in Might.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see a movie on my 8 explanations to love junk journals, you can see it right here:

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=W9tt5v5gvAQ


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